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Local History

Writes Elvira (“Vivi”) Cilmi Kunz - “Hey Art, thanks for fostering our history and roots! Thanks to all who contributed to the research.”

Writes Jill Simon Forte - “My father-in-law owned the Garden City Hotel. My husband (Bob Forte, 1965) and I lived there for a couple of years just after we got married.

Writes Tim Clarke (1973) - “I have great memories of sledding at the Wheatley Hills Golf Club in the winter. One ice storm made all the golf course roads sheets of smooth ice. My sister, Ann Clarke (1974) and I went back home with our sleds, grabbed our ice skates, and starting at the top of the hill we skated at great speed down and through the entire golf course. It was very exciting and only happened once in our time living in Mineola. 

Later in the late 1970s, while driving into NYC with my Dad ( Jack Clarke) and two of his friends, Art Hansen and Milt Katz, the discussion turned to Golf. Mr. Katz mentioned playing at Salisbury (now “Eisenhower”) Park. Mr. Hansen mentioned to Milt" you should come and play with me at Wheatley Hills." Milt replied, “Art, I can't, Wheatley Hills is restricted, no Jews allowed." Here were three WW2 veterans coming face to face with the realities of the persistence of prejudice on Long Island. I hope things have changed.”

Writes Gwendolyn (“Wendy”) McClure - “Fascinating history.”

Writes Jared Goldstein (1985) - “I think I read in an early 1980s Free 'Cat that The Wheatley School was supposed to be called 'Paumanok High School,' named for local Native Americans. Legend had it that the School Board opted for 'The Wheatley School' name for a WASP private school pretension to improve access to the Ivy League.”


Class of 2003 20th-Year Reunion

The event will occur on October 21, 2023, starting at 7:30, at Hendricks Tavern in Roslyn. The cost is $180 per person - spouses welcome.  Food and top-shelf liquor included. Please pay no later than June 30, 2023.  You can pay Kristen Bonell (Capozzi) or Ari Schnitzer  by Venmo: @Kristen-Bonell, @Ari-D-Schnitzer

For more information please email Kristen at KRISTEN.BONELL@GMAIL.COM.


Bay Area Bash - Sunday, 6/4/23, Noon

The time of the Second Annual (?) Unofficial San Francisco Bay Area Wheatley Reunion Potluck (TSA[?]USFBAWRP), is fast approaching: Sunday June 4, 2023, noon-4 PM! Signups include Nancy Kurshan (’61), Elizabeth Lynn (’64), Barry Gordon (’65), and Roy Nierenberg (’63). We’ll be in my backyard the whole time, so as locals know, best to dress in layers. Interested Wildcats, please email me at Best, Larry Rosenthal (‘65).

Tragedy and Trauma in 1963

Writes Jack Lipsky (1969) - As a side note to the Wheatley Sports Article of 11/22/63, a tragic day, I just finished an interesting book called Gangsters vs. Nazis, How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America.  Jack Ruby (born Jacob Leon Rubenstein), who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, is mentioned in the book, 



Writes Scott Frishman (1967) - “Hi Art, Here’s another appreciation of Mr. August, whom I always liked and admired.

When we were practicing for and then doing the Marine Corp Physical Fitness test, he always pushed me to do my best, but in a very nice way. I always scored pretty well on it, and I even thought of going out for the team. However, once I saw people like Shep Messing, Dean Shepherd, Dicky Olney, Bobby Scandurra and others, I just laughed at myself.

Then I decided to join the Cross Country team. I did fairly well, usually toward the lower middle of the pack. Considering we had Paul “Flea” Ingrassia, Paul Riefberg, Dick Rasmussen, Bobby Bush and even Dave Rissmeyer, that was not bad.

Mr. August was certainly a taskmaster, but he got me into unbelievable shape. He took us out to Suffolk County and had us run up and down steep hills on the north side of the Long Island Expressway. He also must have known someone at the Air National Guard on Harbor Hill Road, which is now the East Hills Park, behind where I live on Salem Road. We ran and ran and ran around the perimeter until we were exhausted. I believe we used to have many of our meets running through Old Westbury and Old Brookville. I think we either won the Nassau County Division or came in second.

I am not surprised hearing about the summer camp to which he took some of the students. What a wonderful man!! I enjoyed having him as a gym teacher and a coach and a friend!”



1961 - Four Female Graduates Gather

Writes Jeanne Messing Sommer - “Three classmate-friends and I enjoyed a long-delayed lunch together in Roslyn this week!  Spending time with long-time friends is always great. Wheatley friendships are very special. 

Left to right: Jill Davidson Blaney, Camille Napoli Cannizzo, Chicca Young D’Agostino, Jeanne Messing Sommer”


1961 - Nancy Horowitz Schwartz - Survivor

(Reprinted from Issue # 105)

Writes Nancy - “On May 23, 2020 I fell ill. I survived sepsis shock after 10 days in a coma; my family was told that I might not make it. Four weeks after being diagnosed I had a quadruple amputation (legs half-way below the knees; right hand above my wrist; left hand fingers except half my thumb and a quarter of my index finger). I have prosthetic legs from below my knees. I did not like the arm I got, so I do very well with the stump. You should see what I can do with just 2 short fingers! I taught myself to write, including my signature, and make beaded necklaces in a class at the independent facility in which my husband and I live. After five months during the heart of COVID in hospitals and rehab and no family seeing me, I finally went home. I am so grateful and very active walking with a walker. I have told my story to several groups to make them aware. I would love to talk to anyone if they want to hear my story or if they need help.  JAS0564@YAHOO.COM, 561-215-7212


Writes Jill Simon Forte (1967) - I was uplifted to read about the courage of Nancy Horowitz . Wow 


1964 - Michael Liebert - Deceased - Details to Follow. Submissions Welcome

1965 - Mini-Class Reunion on Barbara Ashley’s New York City Terrace

L-R - Bob Stern, Jane Wild, Linda Sherry, Ann Greenberg, Barbara Ashley, Bob Halper


Jane Wild (1965) and Art Engoron (1967)

Bob Stern playing with the Gil Gutierrez Trio at Birdland, NYC, May 21, 2023


1966 - Glen Greenbaum - Writes Jack Lipsky (1969): “Art, a shout out to Glen Greenbaum. I remember well you babysitting for my three brothers and me. I hope you got time and a half! Our Fathers were friendly and I think that my Dad thought that you would be a good role model for us. I must have been very tired as I don't remember your girlfriend ever coming over! I have lived in Great Neck for the past 40+ years (two fellow Wheatley Graduates live on the same street, just a few houses away), so if you are ever around give a call to reminisce.”

1967 - Arthur Engoron and Mitchell Stephens

L-R - Art and Mitch at Lord’s Restaurant in Greenwich Village, 5/22/2023


1967 - Bonnie Glassman - Writes Classmate Jill Simon Forte - “I was sad and surprised to find out that my friend Bonnie Glassman had died. Her dad was the go-to dentist for everyone in the neighborhood.

1967 - Amy Pastarnack Hughes - Daughter is Going to Run for Congress

Olympic gold-medal figure skater Sarah Hughes is running for U.S. Congress

Sarah Hughes after her gold-medal free skate at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. (Reuters)

Sarah Hughes after her gold-medal free skate at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. (Reuters)

Olympic champion Sarah Hughes is running for Congress.

The former figure skater won gold in Salt Lake City in 2002. Now she wants to represent New York's 4th Congressional District in the House of Representatives.

Hughes has yet to formally launch her campaign. But City & State New York reported that she recently filed to run for Congress in Long Island. Her campaign spokesperson, Max Kramer, confirmed her intention to run to Newsday.

“Born and raised on Long Island, Sarah is concerned about where we’re headed, whether it’s rising prices, public safety and gun violence, or threats to women’s health,” Kramer's statement reads. “She’s putting the pieces into place to make an announcement in the next few weeks.”

Hughes, 38, secured her gold medal in upset fashion with a dazzling free skate at the Salt Lake Games. She stood in fourth place after the short program before climbing to the top of the standings past Russian silver medalist Irina Slutskaya and fellow American Michelle Kwan, who won bronze. She was 16 years old. No American has won gold in ladies singles since.

Sarah Hughes, seen here at the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Annual Salute to Women in Sports in 2021. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Women's Sports Foundation)

Sarah Hughes, seen here at the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Annual Salute to Women in Sports in 2021. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Women's Sports Foundation)

Since retiring from Olympic competition, Hughes attended Yale as an undergrad and Penn for law school. According to her LinkedIn bio, she's worked as an associate at a New York law firm and is currently studying at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Hughes intends to run as a Democrat. She'll challenge the seat held by Republican Rep. Anthony D’Esposito. The 4th District is adjacent to Hughes' hometown of Great Neck, which resides in New York's 3rd Congressional District, represented by George Santos. His seat will be hotly contested after he was recently charged with federal counts of fraud, money laundering and theft of public funds.

Kramer told Newsday that Hughes is actively searching for a home in the 4th District. She'll face a Democratic primary against multiple challengers looking to unseat D’Esposito.


1968 - Ralph Frasco - Deceased

Ralph’s wife, Peggy, pre-deceased him.


1977 - Alice (“Ali”) Van Dyne Hoffman

Writes Ali - “I’ve always been into music, performing in high school musicals and in bands thru college and for 20 years afterwards (mostly on the East Coast), as well as being employed in the music industry.  I worked at PGD (PolyGram) in marketing and distribution and creative services, then took some time off for the band, and then I started working for concert promoter Ron Delsener. Ron has been booking shows in the NY area since the Beatles in the 60’s! He started the Central Park concerts, the concerts on the West Side Pier, the Jones Beach shows, and the Garden State Arts Center, as well as every important act coming thru NY.  Working for Ron has been crazy - the first week I started he handed me a big binder and said that I was in charge of putting together Lollapalooza at Randall’s Island. Well, ok! Lollapalooza was followed by the HORDE festival, Tibetan Freedom (headliner Pearl Jam), and other large festivals. When I left for maternity leave, I decided to take a break. Fast forward 20 years and I got a call from Ron, “am I done with maternity leave yet?” Haha! 

So back to work I went. This year, Sting’s son Jake, who is a filmmaker, is presenting a documentary about Ron at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. Check it out if you happen to be in the city!

Ali Van Dyne Hoffman and Ron Delsener


1989 - Joseph Apicella - It’s a Family Affair

Writes Joe - I am happy to announce that my niece, Julia Zaccharro, and my nephew, Thomas Jozef, are graduates of the Wheatley Class of 2023. That’s a total of five nieces and one nephew that have graduated from alma mater. My son Anthony is also graduating this month, from Port St. Lucie High School. I am so proud of all of them, and I hope that their kids will grow up in the East Williston School District.


2019, 2024, 2025 - Ryan, Dylan, and Casey Shannon - All three Shannons attended North Side, then Willets Road, then Wheatley for eighth grade. Ryan and Dylan transferred to Chaminade in Mineola and graduated/will graduate in 2019 and 2024, respectively. Casey transferred to Our Lady Of Mercy in Syosset and will graduate in 2005. During those years their mom, Lauren Siegal Shannon, headed the PTO. Their dad, Robert Shannon, is a proud Chaminade graduate.

L-R - Art Engoron and Bobby Shannon

The Wheatley School Alumni Association Forum/Soapbox

Writes Jill Simon Forte (1967) - “We lived through some amazing times, which I now appreciate more than ever. being the liberal that I am. Sad to say, I am really worried about the future for my grandkids. Too much gerrymandering and allowing some attorneys general in important states to pick who gets the electoral votes😳.


Writes John Hughes (1981) - “Hi Art, Wheatley was/is a superlative school. After I attended Wheatley, I became involved in many organizations and groups. One truth that I have learned on my journey is the concept of, 'singleness of purpose.' I have found that it is important for a group to maintain the focus that brought its members together, and to repel any outside issues that could cause the destruction of their primary purpose. In my groups and organizations, we were brought together by a common interest. Controversy often appears, unfortunately, when people inject unrelated/controversial issues into the mix. Perhaps they have nowhere else to share it, or more likely they enjoy the attention that comes from their provocation. In one of my navy groups, we share photos and memories about the military and our former ship. It's enjoyable until people want to break the guidelines and share their political rants. I personally don't agree with politics in a high school alumni newsletter or in the other groups I frequent. There are many political groups that are available, and it perplexes me why a specialty group has to divide its purpose with unrelated topics. My expectation of belonging to a group is to focus on the common interest. If I want to discuss politics, I know where to go. When I read the newsletter, I want to enjoy the history and memories of fellow alumni. I don't agree, but I respect the decision of having political discourse, and I like that those discussions were put in a separate section. 

I would like to share my feelings about Jay Cummings’s (1960) recent submission. Over time, I have read his opinions and have tolerated and/or ignored them. I am not the architect of this newsletter, and I know that it was decided to leave politics in the newsletter and to embrace free speech. His recent submission has crossed the line from free speech to hate speech. He wrote, "The 95% of Wheatley graduates who hate America better get their act together, or else they will see their children and grandchildren die at the hands of feckless liberal progressive moronic politicians who you all idolize."  What?! In other words, 95% of the Wheatley alums hate America, and their offspring will die from liberal policies? I have liberal leanings, and I don't hate America. Amazingly, those two concepts can actually coexist in the same sentence. I am a veteran and come from a family of policemen, veterans and hard working individuals. I'm grateful for the opportunities and freedoms that I experienced. My grandparents all came here from Ireland in the 1920s, seeking a better life and to provide for their families. My family has been here for almost 100 years, and we have had no ill will towards America. We have received much, and as working class citizens, have contributed much. I do not understand how Jay can speak for me or the supposed other 95%. He fancies himself as one of the chosen 5% percent of the alums that loves America, but will the policies he embraces save the day? His rhetoric is insulting, and his ideas are delusional. His NY Post submission goes much further, and I am grateful that the NY Post is not a periodical that I read. My agenda with this submission is to speak out against hate speech and condemn his hateful, insulting rhetoric. 

Fan Mail

Administration (Wheatley Principal Joseph Wiener) - “Thank you for including the history of the name ‘Wheatley’ that Robert Holley (1958) wrote. Very interesting!” ❤️

1962 (Lois Kass Kleinberg) - ❤️

1963 (Marcia Friedman Mayer) - “Thank you, as always.” ❤️

1964 (Donnita Ryan Whittier) - ❤️

1965 (Laurel Osrow) - ❤️

1966 (Diana Noble Rubinger) - “Always a pleasure to read about our Wildcats! Just about to finish The Memoir of a Female Soldier, a very interesting read. Thank you!”

1966 (Allan Silver) - “Thank you for another wonderful edition of the Newsletter. It reduces my stress in running for reelection to the Eden School Board in these difficult times.”

1967 (Scott Frishman) - “Another great Newsletter, as usual.”

1967 (Jill Simon Forte) - “I LOVED this newsletter. So much interesting history.”

1969 (Penny Rakoff) - “I always read these newsletters with pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to produce them. I especially enjoyed reading about the history of the name ‘Wheatley’ that Robert Holley wrote.” ❤️

1970 (Cathy Gerson) - “I’m so proud to have gone to Wheatley. I don’t know anyone who has kept in touch with so many high school friends! I love the shared memories.”

1970 (Greg Fitzpatrick) - “I always wondered about the genesis of our high school’s name. Thank You for all of the research and information. Cheers.”

1971 (Merrie Sesskin) - “Art, The newsletter has hit an impressive level of articles. I always look forward to receiving it.” ❤️

1975 (Margaret Christian D’Agostino) - ❤️

1977 (Peter Fitzpatrick) - ❤️

1980 (Nicholas Bisceglia) - ❤️

1981 (John Hughes) - “Thank you so much for all that you do. I enjoy the newsletter and appreciate all of the work that goes into it.”

1982 (Annette Iannola) - ❤️

1985 (Jared Goldstein) - “Thank you for the Newsletter, including the 'Wheatley' history.”

1989 (Joseph Apicella) - “Great article on the “Wheatley” name.”

2003 (Kristen Bonell) - “I appreciate all the hard work you do keeping this newsletter going!”

2003 (Janelle Livingstone) - ❤️

???? (Denise ????) - “Thanks for the Newsletter.” ❤️




That’s it for The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 107.  Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.


Arthur Fredericks Engoron, Class of 1967

Arthur Fredericks Engoron, Class of 1967