The Inaugural Wheatley NYC Lunch
Held January 15, 2013, at Forlini's



Official Report / Photographs

Twenty-two intrepid Wildcats, stretching from the Class of 1963 to the Class of 1986, braved the cold to attend the Inaugural Wheatley NYC Lunch on January 15, 2013.  Simply put, it was a rousing success.  Meeting old acquaintances and making new ones was the order of the day.  Speaking of "orders," the event was held at Forlini's, a "neighborhood Italian" restaurant that's been a fixture in the Little Italy-Chinatown area of Tribeca for decades; the hot antipasto, eggplant parmigiana and Chianti received particularly rave reviews.

As at Wheatley, "attendance was taken"; the honor roll of those "present" is as follows:
Last Name Current First Name Year
Aufhauser   Robert Keith 1963
Kenton   Donna 1963
Lamitola Downey Marianne 1963
Corwin   John 1964
Yagoda   Kenneth 1965
Lagin   Adrienne 1966
Schuh Silver Marjorie 1966
Wattel Arenson Karen 1966
Engoron   Arthur 1967
Green Crowley Anita 1967
Stephens   Mitchell 1967
Hechler   David 1968
Resnicow   Eva 1968
Ehrenberg   Halayne 1969
Greenbaum   Lynn 1969
Kahan   Sylvia 1969
Ross   Daniel 1969
Seman   Dana 1970
Danziger Fleischner   Karen 1971
Watnick   Donald 1979
Sternberg Steinberg   Nancie 1980
Abramson   Frederic 1986
In addition to attendance, photos were also taken, and almost everyone appears in one or more of the PHOTOGRAPHS taken at the event.
According to The Treasurer's Report, the tab came to $559, which with $50 in tips to the two waiters came out to approximately $28 per person, all inclusive.  People paid on the "honor system," and the accountant was satisfied with the end result.
The only complaints were that mingling was somewhat restricted by the close quarters, and the food arrived relatively late (you try cooking for 22 guests).
Suggestions for future events included publicizing more to the recent graduating classes; doing dinner; moving to midtown (or even Queens); different type of food; and scheduling a cocktail hour.
Stay tuned for future announcements.
Art Engoron, 1967




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