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Symphony Orchestra: Takemi Ueno '83

Takemi Ueno ('83) will perform with the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra on Fri., Feb. 9, at 8 PM, at Symphony Space (Broadway & 95th St.).  The program consists of Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto and Mendelssohn's "Italian" Symphony.  Tickets are $18 for students, seniors, and Symphony Space members.  For non-students etc., tickets are normally $25, but there are two ways to get discounted tickets for $20:  at the orchestra's web site ( until 4 PM on Th., Feb. 8, or by using the code "NASOFAMILY" at the Symphony Space box office up until the concert.

Advance Sale Tickets are available -
Advance Sale Tickets are available Advance Sale Tickets can be purchased for $20 up until Thursday, February 8th (the day before the concert.) That's $5 off the Box ...

Takemi will also play in a free concert with the Doctors' Orchestra on Th., March 1, at 7:30 PM, at Norman Thomas High School (Park Ave. S. and 33rd St.).  The program consists of Liszt's "Les Preludes," Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy, and Vaughan Williams' Pastoral Symphony.

Robert "Bobby" Silverstein '71

"Bobby" is a principal of Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC in Washington DC. More details here.

Ronald "Ron" Fradkin, '66

Ron Fradkin (Class of '66) is one of the subjects of the new paperback The 1964 Comicon: The True Story Behind the World's First Comic Convention. The book tells how Ron was one of four people who put on the first comic convention in 1964. It has biographies of all the organizers. Ron also wrote one of the short afterwards for the book.



Judge Arthur Engoron ('1967) was quoted by The NY Daily News and by The NY Post regarding a case challenging the "closed NY City Primary System". NY Post Article..... NY Daily News Article



Matthew Fox ('07) proposed to Lonnie Nemiroff ('07) after both completed the 13.1 mile Long Island Marathon.


High Places

Bonnie Greenberg (left), Class of 1973 with Lady Gaga Joe Biden and Diane Warren.

From (

"Bonnie Greenberg has been at the forefront of entertainment integrating music and motion pictures for over two decades. She is a firm believer that music should enhance and support the visual images of film. She began her career in the entertainment industry working as an attorney and then business affairs executive at MCA Records, Inc. and Paramount Pictures. Seizing upon the opportunity to merge music and film, she decided to leave the executive desk and enter the world of production and music supervision. Greenberg has been integrally involved with over 80 films spanning all budgets and genres — from documentaries like Bobby Fisher Against The World to mid-budget independent and studio films such as The Best Man, The Mask and Pleasantville to to major studio blockbusters including My Best Friend’s Wedding, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, What Women Want, The Santa Clause, Something’s Gotta Give, and It’s Complicated to the hit series “Desperate Housewives”. Greenberg is a frequent lecturer on the use of music in films and is an adjunct professor at UCLA Graduate Film School where she teaches music supervision."



Robert Bernstein, coach of the Wheatley High School mock trial team, will receive the Liberty Bell Award from the Nassau County Bar Association at its Law Day 2016 Dinner on Tuesday, May 3rd.

"It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Robert Bernstein, coach of the Wheatley High School mock trial team, will receive the Liberty Bell Award from the Nassau County Bar Association at its Law Day 2016 Dinner on Tuesday, May 3rd. "Bob was singled out for this distinction because of his commitment to educating students about the law and the judicial system, continuing in his role of Mock Trial team coach for many years long after retiring from his teaching position at The Wheatley School. The Liberty Bell Award recognizes a non-lawyer who has strengthened the American system of freedom under the law by heightening public awareness, understanding and respect for the law. "Robert Bernstein started the law program at Wheatley in 1972, entering a team into the first New York State Mock Trial Tournament in 1977, and continuing to serve as the team’s coach to this day. His team will argue in the Final Round this week against Plainview Old Bethpage JFK High School. "As a board member of the ACLU, he helped develop a law program on students’ rights and responsibilities. For the past 15 years, Bob has volunteered as a court advocate for The Safe Center LI, going to Family Court each week to assist domestic violence victims in filing petitions, and offering support during the often grueling procedure of applying for an Order of Protection. He also accompanies the petitioners into the courtroom, which can be of inestimable value to a fearful victim of abuse. "Bernstein retired from teaching but never retired from Mock Trial coaching. He returned to Wheatley for the express purpose of coaching the mock trial teams, which he continues to do to this day. "In addition, several teams and their teachers, newly enrolled in the Tournament, have been the recipients of his advice and guidance in organizing their teams and learning the rules and procedures of the competition. "Our congratulations to Bob Bernstein for this well deserved recognition."

Caryle Katz Administrator, Community Relations & Public Education Nassau County Bar Association 15th & West Streets Mineola, NY 11501 T. 516.747.4070 ext. 211 F. 516.747.4147

Shelley Gottlieb, Class of 1969, is "phenomenal" says the San Francisco's CBS news affiliate. Read more about Shelley Gottlieb.


Daniel H. Weiss,Class of 1975, named President of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Metropolitan Museum of Art Names New President: Daniel Weiss". Dr. Weiss, who was formally elected to the Museum presidency at today’s regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, was chosen after an extensive national search overseen by a special committee of the board. He will assume his new post at the Metropolitan this summer, following the end of the current semester at Haverford

Roger Nierberg, Class of '65

is a world renowned creator of "The Music Paradigm". Roger uses his experience as the conductor of several successful orchestras as a model for the successful pursuit of any enterprise.


Esther Fortunoff Greene of Old Westbury, Class of '72 Honored by Nassau County

County Executive Ed Mangano honored Esther along with 11 other women. (Article from April 3, 2015), Garden City Patch.


Merrie Sesskin, VP of Business Development daSILVA Architects is pleased to announce the appointment of Merrie Sesskin as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing as of October 2014.

Merrie ‘s passion for Design and Architecture has played an important role in her success in the industry and as a leader in the field of Business Development. Her enthusiastic personality and commitment to excellence have assisted in building and maintaining her large client network. She brings to this firm 25 years of expertise providing new business and marketing in the Northeast region. She will be responsible for overseeing all phases of Marketing and Business Development within the firm. daSILVA is looking to expand their practice further than ever before. With Merrie’s strategic client management skills and contacts the firm will certainly grow.

Previously, Merrie has held positions as Director of Marketing and New Business Development for HOK, RJMJ(Hillier), Adelhardt Construction and Array Architects. She has been a member of AREW, CREW, BOMA and Professional Women in Construction and has been published in “Who's Who” in NYC.

Jaques Black and Chip Calcagni, principals of the firm, feel very fortunate to have her as part of their team.

Merrie Sesskin may be reached at:
Office (212) 889-1840 ext. 6639
Mobile (917) 941-0508


If you have enough calendars but would like to donate, please click here:

Contact Takemi  at 212-245-5844 (H); 212-340-0559;TAKEMIUENO@YAHOO.COM

Takemi Ueno (’83) has played  cello with the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra. She can obtain discount tickets for the orchestra if you contact her: Tel: 212-245-5844 (H); 212-340-0559;

Steve Cohen,Wheatley '68, Author

Steve, Wheatley ‘68, is an award-winning author, travel writer and photographer whose work has appeared inIslands,Outside,Glamour,The Chicago Tribune,The New York Times, andThe Washington Post, as well as in books published byMcGraw-Hill,GrolierandMichelin,has published a novel,Travel To The G-Spot(Buddha Enterprises, 2012). It's the uproarious, tragic and ultimately hopeful story of Danny Gladstone, a 50-year-old travel writer who learns he's dying and looks back at some of his stories to figure out why things have turned out differently than he planned. It's a sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll fueled romp around the world filled with big pleasures and big regrets. Reviewers have hailedTravel To The G-Spotas, “Outrageously funny. Wickedly profound,” and “Hilariously sick and twisted.” It will make you laugh and maybe shed a tear for a guy who only wants to do well but is having too much fun to ever get around to it. It’s Danny’s long, strange trip and one you’ll be sure to want to come along for.

"This book contains a lot of details about growing up on Long Island and going to North Side and Wheatley," says Steve. "It even mentionsHildebrandt's. Of all my books, I think this one will resonate the most with readers who share aspects of that background and most certainly with the extended Wheatley community."

Steve is currently a screenwriter and movie producer in Southern California, where he lives with his wife, son and a hound dog named Lucky.

For further information contact Buddha Enterprises,,805-794-2413.

Posted 1/11/13

Ralph Whitehead, Wheatley '72, Author

The second book in Ralph's WWI trilogy The Other Side of the Wirewas due to be published last year (May 2012). The volume covers the action of 1 July 1916 and contains "the most complete list of German losses for this day that have ever been identified." Ralph's volume 3 is scheduled for completion in 2013. As part ofNo Man's Land:  The European Group for Great War Archaeology, Ralph's team recently identified four German soldiers and one Australian soldier, ensuring them formal burial after well over 90 years.

Posted 1/11/13

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A Very Nice Note about Mrs. Elsie Bodnar

I found Elsie Bodnar last week at the hospital in which I work.  I came across her name and asked her if she was THE Elsie Bodnar who had taught English, Speech and Drama at The Wheatley School in Old Westbury, Long Island.  Imagine my surprise and delight when she confirmed that she was!  Since I live near Philadelphia, this seems to me to be quite amazing.  She didn't remember me specifically, and after how many hundreds of students and over 40 years ago, I didn't expect that she would. She is originally from Pittsburgh and came back to PA after she retired from Wheatley.  Her mother and brother lived in West Chester, PA, a town just about 10 miles from my town of Media and she moved there to be near them.  I asked, and she granted permission, to share this with you.  She is 95, a bit heavier than when we all knew her, (but then, aren't we all!) and looks very much the same.  She is still pretty sharp mentally.  I am sorry to say that she cannot see very well anymore, but I brought in my yearbook anyway. We went through it together, with me naming and describing various teachers.  What struck me most about looking at all these pictures was how young all our teachers l looked.  All these people seemed so infinitely old back then.  I was able to share with her that hers was the first Speech Articulation class I ever took and that I am now a Speech Pathologist.  I was also able to tell her that, because of her insistence that we New Yorkers remember to put all the Rs in our speech, my freshman college professor in my all important Voice and Diction Class told me "You have very good R's...for New York."  This was probably the highest compliment this particular woman ever gave to anyone, especially one from New York!  I also showed her picture to the staff.  It was special to be able to do this and show people how lovely she was 45 years ago.  So that was the highlight of my week.  I hope you all enjoy hearing about this lovely lady too. --Reported by Ellen Frey

Posted 10/15/12

Dan Weiss, '75, to Lead Haverford College

Haverford College has announced that Dan Weiss, Wheatley '75, currently president of Lafayette College, has been appointed as the 14th president of Haverford College. Dan was the consensus choice of the college's Presidential Search Committee and Board of Managers. Dan's appointment takes effect July 1, 2013.

Posted 5/3/12

Takemi Ueno, Wheatley '83, in Concert

Takemi Ueno ('83) will play the cello with the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra on Fri., Nov. 11, at 8 p.m., at Symphony Space (Broadway and 95th St.). The program will consist of Bach's harpsichord concerto in d minor and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Tickets are $20 ($14 for students, seniors, and Symphony Space members) if you buy them from Symphony Space, but Takemi can get them for $14 if she buys them at rehearsal on Nov. 8 or 9. If you would like her to buy a ticket for you, please contact her at 212-245-5844 (H), 212-340-0559 (W), or.

Marjorie Schuh Silver, Wheatley '66, Receives CoLAP Law Student Wellness Award

In October '10, Marjorie Silver, Wheatley '66, received the ABA CoLAP "Law Student Wellness" award at the national conference held in Indianapolis. This was the first year that the award was presented. CoLAP stands for the Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs, mandated to educate the legal profession in matters such as alcoholism, stress, depression and chemical dependencies.

Read more about Marjorie's honor in the autumn 2010LAT News,here(page 4),photos included.

Posted 2/14/11

Takemi Ueno, Wheatley '83, in Concert

TakemiUeno, Wheatley '83, will play the cello with the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra on Friday, February 11, 2011, at 8 p.m., at Symphony Space (2537 Broadway at 95th St.). The program consists of Brahms' "German Requiem" and an a cappella work TBD. Tickets are normally $20 ($14 for students and seniors), but Takemi can get them for anyone for $14 if she buys them at rehearsal on Wed. evenings. If you're interested in buying a discounted ticket, please contact Takemi at 212-245-5844 or.

Received 1/4/11, Posted 1/5/11

Wheatley Class of 1990's 20th-Year Reunion...

...took place Saturday night, May 1, at the Roslyn Claremont Hotel. It was a huge success. About 50 classmates attended, plus some spouses, partners, significant others, and three faculty members from 1990: Bernie Kaplan, Matt Haig and Bob Bernstein.  About 80 people in total attended. There was an open bar, loads of tasty food, 80s music, photos and videos from North Side through Wheatley. One classmate brought a video of the “Mr. Wheatley” contest and some other events. The event generated great buzz on Facebook. Everybody seemed to have a great time. The small surplus will be donated to the Wheatley Scholarship Fund, or some other suitable repository.

Posted May 12, 2010

Ian Solomon, '90, Confirmed by U.S. Senate

On March11, 2010, The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that Ian H. Solomon, Wheatley '90, had been confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as U.S. Executive Director to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), U.S. Executive Director to the African Development Bank (AFDB), and U.S. Alternative Executive Director to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Board, respectively. Previously, Ian served as Senior Advisor to the Treasury Secretary on international and domestic issues.

Announced 3/11/10, Posted 3/23/10

Ellen Solow Holzman, Wheatley '64: Educator of the Month

Cablevision’sNews 12 Long IslandandDowling Collegehave jointly named Wheatley English teacherEllen Solow Holzman, Wheatley '64,a 2009-2010 Educator of the Month. Hearty congratulations to Ellen. You can see a video clip that talks about Ellen and her well-earned honor on the EWSD home page foundhere. (Look for link to video clip in upper right portion of page.) A Dowling College write-up can be foundhereand a Long Island Free Press write-uphere.

Posted 1/8/10

Wheatley's Susan Obrant, Fashion Designer

In a recent YouTube video, filmmaker/singer/dancer Amber Moelter appears, wearing a red dress designed by Wheatley gradSusan Obrant.Find the video here:ttp://'s (crocheted) creation is among what she calls her "art you can wear." Susan's "One of a Kind" art show will take place at Pier 54, NYC, December 11-13, 2009.

Posted December 1, 2009

Asoka Bandarage, '68, Publishes

In her new book,The Separatist Conflict in Sri Lanka: Terrorism, Ethnicity, Political Economy(Routledge, 2009),Asoka Bandarage(Wheatley 1968 Exchange Student from Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon) provides a detailed analysis of the origin, evolution and potential resolution of the civil conflict in Sri Lanka over the struggle to establish a separate state.

The book presents a conceptual framework for comparative global conflict analysis and resolution, shedding light on issues such as terrorism, civil society, diasporas, international intervention and secessionism. SeeWWW.BANDARAGE.COMfor further info.

Posted 3/7/09

Mitch Ditkoff, '65:  Book Takes Silver in Competition

Wheatley '65 grad Mitch Ditkoff's bookAwake at the Wheel(Morgan James Publishing, 2008) recently won the Silver Medal in the Axiom Business Book Awards competition, in the Business Fable category.Awake at the Wheelisabout what it takes to originate, develop, and manifest big ideas. Read more about Mitch's honorhere. Congratulations Mitch!

Received 2/22/09, Posted 2/23/09

Author Edward Kritzler, '58, on Jewish Pirates

Doubleday/Random House has published  Wheatley '58 grad Edward Kritzler's bookJewish Pirates of the Caribbean: How a Generation of Swashbuckling Jews Carved Out an Empire in the New World in Their Quest for Treasure, Religious Freedom--and Revenge(Doubleday, 2008). Fascinating topic. Way to go Ed!

Received February 2009, Posted 2/23/09

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