Wheatley Alumni Monthly Newsletter

Number 1: June 19, 2016

Dear Wildcats and Wildcat Supporters,

Welcome to the first issue of The Wheatley School Alumni Association Monthly (more or less) Newsletter.

The Wheatley School 60th Anniversary Celebration

Of course, the Big News is that alma mater is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a festive, all-classes gathering over the weekend of October 14-16, 2016. Details, registration information, and an up-to-date list of the 355 or so (and counting) graduates who have already registered (or indicated that they intend to) are easily accessible at www.wheatleyalumni.org In all likelihood, the next such event won’t be until 2031, 15 years from now.......so what are you waiting for? Register now (and save fifteen bucks over the walk-in price).

Smart Kids

Elliot ("Ike") Evans, the Class of 1965's stalwart Class Correspondent, brought to our attention that Wheatley's most recent average SAT scores were the sixth highest on Long Island. Here are the top six districts, in descending order, and our interpretation thereof:

  • Jericho School District: A bunch of nerds; their football teams are so bad they even lose to ours.
  • Roslyn Public Schools - Teach to the test.
  • Great Neck Public Schools - (No snide remarks; the editor's kids go there.)
  • Herricks Union Free School District - Teach to the test.
  • Syosset Central School District - Teach to the test. Basically a bunch of Jericho wannabes.
  • East Williston Union Free School District (i.e., Wheatley) - Smart kids; great teachers.

Recent Departures

We note with sadness the recent passing of several alumni:

Class of 1965: James Sanford ("Sandy") Dickey - Died June 4, 2016. Was a marine engineer. Leaves behind sisters Alice, 1962, and Elizabeth, 1963.

Class of 1967: John Farnsworth Stedman - Died June 5, 2016. Was a church (Presbyterian) elder and community leader. Leaves behind brothers Jim and Matt; was predeceased by brother Michael, 1970.

Class of 1974: Stuart Raeburn Strachan - Died March 1, 2016. Was a lawyer, surfer, and sailor. Leaves behind sister Leslie, 1967, and brother Kenneth, 1968.

In Closing

Especially as this is our inaugural issue, we welcome suggestions and items for inclusion (and any corrections).